VCL Winter Production Camp

Only $200 before Thanksgiving!

When: December 11th-15th, 2017 starting at 11AM each day

Where: VCL Headquarters in Mid-city Los Angeles

Who: 10 students total (6 seats left!)

What: The Voltage Control Lab Winter Production Camp is a week long series of workshops and exercises designed to help you learn advanced production techniques in Ableton Live as well as test and improve your writing process. Each day will feature a one hour production workshop on a different topic, followed by a one hour production challenge and a one hour listening/critique session.

Each workshop will focus on another advanced topic in production, like dialing in your kick drums, working with electronic hardware instruments, understanding the new Wavetable synth in Live 10 and more. Our production challenges will be loosely based on the workshop material for the day, with rules and materials defined by your instructor. The final hour will be spent listening to each others work, providing feedback and learning from our fellow producers.

You’ll need to bring your laptop/computer and headphones, and it’s recommended that you bring any controllers or instruments that you prefer or rely on for production purposes.

Students are expected to use their free time each day to work on more material to bring to Camp for critique!

How much: Only $200!!

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