The Many Faces Of Make Noise Maths

This course covers the Make Noise Maths module. It will examine this ubiquitous module in depth, from the confusing panel layout to the swiss army knife of functionality within. Whether you just bought Maths or you have the first edition, this course will open up a world of possibilities with this wonderful device.

Week 1 – Channel 1

Week 2 – Channel 4 and the Or Output

Week 3 – Channel 2/3 and the Sum Output

Week 4 – Avant Garde patching and More

Class will meet online for 1 hour weekly via live Skype or Hangouts session, at a time determined based on student availability. Your instructor will deliver a 45-50 minute lecture, with the remainder of the hour spent answering questions submitted via text chat in the session. Classes are dynamically tailored to the students setup, and start as soon as all seats are filled.

Course Length – 4 weeks

Class Size Limit – 5 students

InstructorJoe Caputo

Students receive access to-

  • Office Hours via Google Hangouts 2 times per week
  • Recorded video archive of classes for review
  • Private VCL student Facebook discussion group
  • Email support from your instructor

Course Cost$250 (Check out our bundle deals for discounts!)

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