Frequently Asked Questions

When does each course start?

Each course begins once we’ve filled most or all of the available seats with students. Class will most likely start within 1 to 2 weeks of enrollment.

What time does class meet?

The weekly meeting time for each course will be determined based on common times that students are available, most likely in the evening hours or on weekends so that everyone can attend. Special circumstances will be considered if students cannot attend at certain times.

How do I attend class?

When you enroll, we will email you with details about class. The course schedule will be determined after we receive your availability and we will send you a google event invite which will include a video conference link. At the scheduled time, you can simply click that link and it will bring you directly into class!

How do classes work?

Each class will last 1 hour and will consist of instructor lectures on the topics covered in week of the course syllabus. The lecture will generally take 45-55 minutes of each class with the remainder of the hour focused on answering any outstanding questions. Students are encouraged to interact and ask questions during class via the text chat, so as not to interrupt the learning process for the other students. Each class will be video captured by the instructor and made available for download for current students for a reasonable period of time after the conclusion of class.

How do Office Hours work?

Office Hours are an opportunity to have a live video conference with your instructor. Class will mainly consist of the instructor teaching and demonstrating techniques specific to the course, with some question and answer time at the end. Office Hours will be an open dialogue about whatever topics and questions the students come prepared with. Discussion will include but is not limited to course-related questions, new modules and techniques, music sharing and more.