Moffenzeef Modular is known for the sometimes odd, quirky approach to Eurorack design, and Kriket is no exception. A strange device at first glance, Kriket is an interesting percussion module, generating anything from cowbells to snares to castanets.

Moffenzeef (who just opened their new online web shop!!!) generally has some fairly complicated modules, but modules that have some clear definition. The GMO operates as a sample or wavetable voice, with start and end point controls for the audio clip (head and tail, as the case may be). Deviant is a dirty random stepped module, fairly straight forward. Kriket, however, might leave you wondering, what is this for?

The module is effectively 4 oscillators running through 4 vcas, summed from to the output. Each voice includes a cv input to control the amp, and a knob to control frequency. A strange arrangement for most modular oscillators, where most might expect cv control of the pitch! However, pitch control comes in the form of the Kriket input at the bottom of the module. When voltage is sent to this input, a vactrol on the back of the module is illuminated, raising the pitch of the 4 oscillators.

Kriket can be gated to open and close the oscillator voices, creating tonal results. However, things start getting interesting when shorter pulse widths are used. Triggering the channels may be the best method to getting tight, popcorn-y percussive sounds. When the Kriket input triggered, these poppy, clicky sounds take on entirely new forms, becoming laser like zaps and snaps. Send in some alternating currents, and the Kriket input starts frequency modulating the pitch, shaping entirely different and complex warbles and hums.

Kriket may be best served with an actual envelope and vca following the mix output, for more shaping options. While this module may seem strange and simple, it begs to be tweaked in any way, shape or form.

How are you getting more complicated percussion sounds in your Eurorack system? Tell us about it in the comments!!

Chirping with the Moffenzeef Kriket

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