Mutable Instruments Clouds is the second most popular module in Eurorack, according to Now a new alternative firmware from Justin Kammerl has captivated veteran users and beat manglers alike.

You’ve probably seen the posts… Clouds is one of the most talked about modules in Eurorack. A granular synthesis and sampling powerhouse, Clouds is equally known for it’s reverb (a critical part of granular synthesis). A popular alternative firmware called Parasites has attracted many more users to the device by adding an Erbeverb-like mode and a physical modelling resonator mode.

The Kammerl firmware popped up on the radar a few months ago when Richard Devine posted about a new Beat Repeat mode that his friend had created, demonstrating the functionality in his special way. The firmware was recently updated with yet another mode, Spectral Clouds, which replaces the Spectral Madness mode from the original firmware with an ambience-generating ocean of filtered frequencies.

The Beat Repeat mode is a ported version of a VST plugin Kammerl created for slicing and chopping audio loops, operating the same way as the plugin. An audio source is fed to the input, while a clock (ideally synced to the tempo of the audio) is routed to trigger the slicing. Each slice can be looped, detuned and mangled, according to the panel settings. A map of how the controls and blend options differ can be found by clicking the image below.

Loading the firmware onto your Clouds is easy,  and the instructions for performing the installation can be found in the original Clouds manual on the Mutable Instruments website. The process is the same for whichever firmware you use, including reinstalling the original if you ever wish to return to it.

How are you mangling and destroying your loops? Tell us about it in the comments!

Kammerl Firmware Beat Repeat for Mutable Clouds

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