We’ve been working on a secret project for the last two months, and it’s finally time to let the cat(s) out of the bag…

You may have noticed we have been a bit less active for the past two months or so… or maybe you didn’t notice. Well, we’ve been preparing a new space in Los Angeles where we will soon be offering courses, workshops, synth meets, hang outs, and a whole lot more. Located in the historic Mid-City area of LA (we’re rebranding it Mod-City, obviously), our new space is easily accessible from almost any of the surrounding areas via car, train, bus or bike.

We have been working like crazy to prepare the space for the summer, planning a number of workshops with LA area modular makers and artists. We will be welcoming Stephen from Noise Engineering, Eli from Mystic Circuits (who is going to do a presentation on physics for the musician), Kero from Detroit Underground, Citizen (who makes the amazing portable lunchbox synth cases) and much, much more.

We have had a great deal of help getting here. First our students, who have been so supportive of VCL, without whom none of this would matter. A huge thank you to our subscribers, followers, viewers and readers. Manny from A Case of Modular has been helping us with some of the projects in the space, and has been invaluable. Leslie Ghazarian has been a huge support as well, aiding in our organizational dilemmas and so much more. Our co-creative director Viktor Carrillo has been a constant help, and makes sure coats of paint are properly applied.

So many people have helped us get Voltage Control Lab to where we are, and we can’t wait to continue what we’ve started in this next phase. We will have a TON more news, an event schedule and more synth cats ASAP. And remember, #patchsmarter!

New Space In LA for Voltage Control Lab

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