Synthesis Technology is in the midst of a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their new E370 Quad Morphing VCO, reaching their stretch goal of $100,000 within 54 hours of launch. The module is a combination of functions from two existing Synthesis Technology modules, the popular E340 Morphing Terrarium and the E330 Multimode VCO. Borrowing from the feature sets of both, the Quad Morphing VCO aims to be “the most technically advanced Euro oscillator available.”

The Quad Morphing VCO will have four independent digital oscillators, which can be grouped in unison, pairs or controlled individually. Each VCO is designed to have coarse and fine tuning, exponential FM (though linear FM will be included at the stretch goal of $115,000) and “2 programmable modulation CVs and associated attenuator. The function of MOD A and MOD B are dependent on the VCO mode. For example, in Cloud Mode, MOD A is the ‘SPREAD’ and MOD B is the ‘CHAOS’ function of the E340.”

Each oscillator can be updated with wavetables created through a custom application, and stored (along with presets) on a micro SD card. A brilliant navigation screen is included for the minimal amount of menu hopping planned for the device. The screen will have menu pages for VCO control, tuning, four oscilloscopes, mixer, preset and SD card management.

The E370 is 54HP wide and has a depth behind the panel of 48mm (1.89in). It uses a 16-pin shrouded header (standard Euro power, the cable is included) and the target power consumption is +12V @155ma and -12V @40ma. The final power will be available once the project is funded and the module is running the code and the TFT backlight current is determined. About 35% of the current off +12V is determined by the setting of TFT brightness.

The Quad Morphing VCO is already funded, but let’s help Synthesis Technology get over their stretch goal so we can see this monster in all of it’s glory!

Help SynthTech Make The Quad Morphing VCO

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