NAMM 2017 is less than a week away, and modular manufacturers from around the world are gearing up to fly into Los Angeles for the massive, deafening convention. For all of you modular folks who will be in town, whether you attend the convention or not, there are a TON of absolutely amazing modular synth-focused events happening in the evenings and the days after the event. Here’s a growing guide to these events (with directions and links) so you have no excuse to miss out on the mind-blowing music and elbow rubbing.

If you are not going to make it to NAMM this year, follow me on instagram (@computo) for photo, video and live streamed updates from the convention floor on Thursday the 19th and beyond!


NAMM Weekend

Thursday 1/19 – NAMM begins. Most modular gear will be around 5000 in Hall B

Friday 1/20LZX Meet-Up w/ Baseck & Kodek – 7pm @ Coaxial in Downtown LA

Friday 1/20Elektron Night of Machines w/ The Album Leaf, Tropic of Cancer – 8pm @ Complex in Glendale

Saturday 1/21Sputnik Modular w/ Rodent516, Anthony Baldino, Delivery LA – 9pm @ Union in Mid-City LA

Sunday 1/22Black Noise w/ Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Hypoxia – 6pm @ Lot 613 in Downtown LA

Post-NAMM Modular Events

Monday 1/23KOMA Elektronik In-Store Event & Giveaway – 7pm @ Perfect Circuit Audio in Burbank

Tuesday 1/24Analogue Haven Synth Meet and Performances – 6pm @ Analogue Haven in Santa Monica

Wednesday 1/25Noisebug welcomes STG Soundlabs w/ Suit & Tie Guy – 730pm @ Noisebug in Pomona

Thursday 1/26 – Modular On The Spot @ 7pm – Details available from

Friday 1/27Winter Pop Art Show w/ Collin Russell – OC Museum of Art

If you know of any other modular synth-related events in the LA area in the weeks around NAMM, please let us know and I’ll add them here!

The National Association of Music Merchants annual winter convention brings together gear makers, retailers, artists and enthusiasts in slimy Anaheim (right across the street from Disneyland) to ogle new gear and talk flimsy deals. For the outsider, the event appears attractive because of the celebrity contained within the building at any given time during the convention. To those who have to work however, NAMM is a grueling triathlon of talking, standing and hand shaking with short intermissions of disgusting food choices, many mile long hikes to a hotel/car and long lines for the restroom, coalescing in the physical and emotional decimation of the inevitable illness we’ve come to know only as NAMM-thrax.


How To NAMM (For Modular Fans)

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