Happy holidays from Voltage Control Lab! We are continuing our exploration of simple but powerful Max for Live devices that can be used with your Eurorack system, this time creating a dual LFO tool. Along with a DC coupled audio interface (like the MOTU Ultralite) and/or a compatible Eurorack module (in this case the Expert Sleepers ES-8) Ableton and Max become extremely powerful tools for expanding your hardware setup.

Last week, we created a basic DC offset device using a Live dial (live.dial) and signal combiner (+~) device. This extremely simple tool allows us to send constant voltage from any channel in Ableton to any audio output on a sound card or audio interface. It can also be used easily in conjunction with any midi controller or assignable device in Ableton, such as the LeapMotion, which we’ve also explored.

In this episode we use this DC offset as a starting point, adding a few oscillators (cycle~, rect~, tri~, saw~) through a signal switching device (selector~), with one knob (live.dial) routed to control the frequency of each. Because LFOs generally oscillate in a subsonic frequency range between zero and 20 cycles per second. For our LFO to work properly, we’ll need to edit the live.dial settings on the frequency knob to an appropriate range in the Inspector window. I’ve set mine to a slightly wider range of 0-30 Hz, but you could set yours to a wider or smaller range. I tend to love the really slow modulation rates, and thanks to the modular flexibility of Max, the range can be tweaked quickly.

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Max For Live Custom LFOs With Eurorack

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