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With a gig coming up this week, I’ve been putting a great deal of time into getting my live Eurorack performance setup nailed down. I like to be able to improvise and make things up as I go along when I perform, so building a setup that allowed that was important. I prefer to compose and perform is by setting rules for the different instruments and then letting them play, not unlike a jazz quartet. Using randomization and probability with sequencing, I’ve created a setup that gives me some freedom and control.

I’m using my laptop running Reaktor Blocks to save some space in the system, using the Expert Sleepers ES-8 along with the Traktor Kontrol F1 to map the sequencer and other vital controls in Reaktor. I’ve broken my setup into 4 parts, Lead, Bass, Kick Drum and the rest of the drums. The lead CV and Gate as well as 4 drum sequences and a clock are coming from Reaktor. The lead sequence is generated by a virtual Turing Machine, while the drums are sequenced by an altered version of the Maschine sequencer block from NI.

The F1 knobs, sliders and buttons are mapped to the 4 channels of sequences (with functions for muting and Euclidean rhythm creation), as well as the Turing Machine controls. I’ve also programmed a remix function, which switches the sequences on the 4 channels to probability based rhythms, for some push button drum fills.

All 4 channels of live audio are routed back into the ES-8 and through a virtual mixer, so that the sliders on the F1 can be used to mix the 4 main parts. Additional digital effects are applied, mapped to the sliders on the shift page (an entire second page of midi CC mappings). Modulation takes the setup much further. As with everything modular, tweaking will never end with this arrangement of live gear and software.

How are you performing live with your modular? Let us know in the comments!

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My Live Eurorack Modular Setup

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