FROM THE LAB: Our next Modular 101 and Maths classes are starting soon, Join Us!!

This Friday, August 26th at Noon PST, we are lucky enough to have Icaro Ferre live in the studio as a part of our Additive Voices streaming video series, discussing his modular synth companion app, CV Toolkit, his company Spektro Audio, modular/computer connectivity and much more. Icaro is visiting LA from Brazil, so it seemed like a great opportunity to chat with him, share his expertise and demystify the murky purgatory between the hardware and software worlds. This will be a live streaming interactive event just like our last one with Black Line (we’ve fixed our audio bungle from last time) so please join us and bring all of your questions!

Icaro and his company Spektro Audio design software that interacts with your modular system, via Expert Sleepers modules like the ES-3 or a DC-coupled audio interface. Using either of these methods, control voltage can be sent via audio cables from the computer through the interface and patched into your system to modulate, sequence or program your instrument.

CV Toolkit continues to expand with additional modules updated in the software fairly regularly. Especially if you already have a compatible module or audio interface, this app is a no-brainer. Icaro and Spektro Audio also work in virtual modular environments, programming Max4Live devices for Ableton Live. We will delve into all kinds of different topics, but we encourage you to join us and bring your own questions!

CVToolkit25-1-1-Main Screenshot

The idea for Additive Voices came from our Office Hours portion of our classes, where students and teacher meet in an open forum to discuss the subjects of that weeks class and other relevant questions and topics to modular synthesis, Eurorack and music. The point of this series is to encourage audience participation, so come along for the ride!


Additive Voices Live W/ Icaro Ferre of Spektro Audio

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