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I was recently alerted to the existence of a Facebook group for the Make Noise 0-Coast, after publishing our video about using the Slope section as an Oscillator. When I posted the link there, Cody Gratner asked in the comments about using the sample & hold based stepped random function on the 0-Coast as a noise generator by clocking the tempo input at audio rates.

To test the noise out, I first patched the voltage math section out to the dynamics input, and increased the attenuverter to open the VCA and get a constant signal out. Routing the square wave output from the oscillator section directly into the tempo input, the stepped random voltage source begins to generate random values many times per second. Sending the random output to the balance section input, we can hear this noisy signal. Raising the pitch of the oscillator, the random values are generated faster and faster, and we hear the color of the noise change.

Tony Rolando from Make Noise replied to Gratner’s request…

what sounds even better is to patch that Audio Rate S&H back into the very VCO that is driving it, which is one of the patch ideas I published in the latest rev of the manual.

This technique creates a crunchier, chunkier result, with a smaller range of pitch modulation before the signal goes into the supersonic frequency range. However, this method opens up another realm of noise control, as the balance knob can be tipped to the Overtone side. This way, the noise can be manipulated via the overtone and multiply sections, coloring this wonky sound in other ways completely.

How are you routing your 0-Coast? Let us know in the comments!

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Make Noise 0-Coast Stepped Random Noise

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