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About 8 years ago, I created a Dubstep wobble bass tutorial for my music channel, using Native Instruments Massive. I’ve been wanting to recreate that tutorial for modular synth, and the Make Noise 0-Coast seemed like an ideal candidate for the task, since it produces big, fat bass tones.

In the original video, I mapped a tempo synced LFO to the filter cutoff on of the filters in Massive. Since the 0-Coast does not really have a dedicated filter, we can use the Balance section to fade back and forth between the fundamental triangle wave at the core of the 0-Coast oscillator and the complex overtone generating side. We can also use the cycling Slope section as our LFO, routing it to the Balance CV input on the top right corner of the synth. This should start things on the path towards wobbling.

Another important element in the original video though, was that the LFO was routed to modulate a few different destinations, not simply the filter cutoff. We could use Stackables, or we can use the Voltage Math section on the 0-Coast, which includes a buffered mult which will duplicate any CV signal. I’ll re-route the Slope section output to the Voltage Math input 1, and then back to the Balance CV input. I’ll also route the second out from the Math section to the Overtone input, and increase the attenuator level.

The Multiply section is “normaled” or hardwired to the Slope section as well, so we can increase or decrease the attenuverter amount to apply some of that modulation. If we route a sequencer in to the Slope section time CV input, we can also modulate the wobble rate to get that telltale Dubstep wobble motion. Of course, if you don’t like these faster tempo wobble rhythms, simple slow down the Rise and Fall times on the Slope controls, and you’ll get much slower, evolving modulation.

How are you getting big bass sounds? Let us know in the comments!

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Dubstep Bass With Make Noise 0-Coast

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