FROM THE LAB: Next Friday, we’re launching our new live streaming series, Additive Voices!

Next Friday, August 12th at Noon PST (12PM Pacific standard time), we will be streaming our newest video series, Additive Voices, a live and interactive discussion about Eurorack and modular synthesis. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Voltage Control Lab, (with our first modular synth kick drum tutorial using the Sputnik Modular Oscillator) so we are celebrating with this new live streaming series and we’re kicking it off with a big line up.

We will be on location in the studio with the members of the synth super group, Black Line, including Cyrus Rex, Baseck, Douglas McCarthy, Bon Harris, Brad Apodaca and possibly more, discussing their process of composing and recording as a group and whatever questions you bring to the table!

Black Line is the latest evolution of the collaboration of Cyrus Rex and Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb. As DJM/REX, the two remixed Depeche Mode, toured with Skinny Puppy and performed live with Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle. In recent months, the group adopted additional collaborators, including McCarthy’s former Nitzer Ebb bandmate, Bon Harris, and LA drum machine aficionado, Baseck.

The idea for this new series came from our Office Hours portion of our classes, where students and teachers meet in an open forum to discuss the subjects of that weeks class and other relevant questions and topics to modular synthesis, Eurorack and music. The point of this series is to encourage audience participation, so join us and bring your questions and imagination!

I launched Voltage Control Lab in August of 2015 because I love modular synthesizers and sound design, and I love teaching people about them! In the last year, I’ve written over 150 articles for our blog, scripted/recorded/edited nearly 80 video tutorials, interviews and modular music clips, and taught multiple sections of our 7 courses, with dozens of students from around the world. This has been the most rewarding endeavor I have ever attempted, so thank you to everyone who has read, viewed, commented, shared and interacted with our work. There’s plenty more to come…

Have questions for this amazing group of artists already? Post them in the comments and we’ll ask them live!

By Chrisjohnson, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Additive Voices On Youtube Live w/ Black Line

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