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Detroit Underground has released their latest Eurorack module, the DU-KRPLS, in a collaborative effort with module maker Meng Qi. The device is an altered approach to the already available KARP module from Meng Qi, a self-contained and complex Karplus Strong module.

What is Karplus Strong synthesis? To quote a description of our own from a previous post, “using a very short delay set to a high feedback amount, the effect can be excited by a noise burst to create a metallic ‘twang’. When routed through a VCA, the amplitude of the regenerating feedback can be controlled, resulting in a more identifiable string sound.”

We have obviously looked at Karplus Strong before, using the delays in the Mutable Instruments Warps Parasites alternate firmware, but the Karp and KRPLS are designed to respond to 1 volt per octave standard tunings. The two modules are both programmed with avant garde, experimental sounds in mind, so there is a great deal of room to push the boundaries beyond the more traditional Karplus sound.


When asked what set the DU-KRPLS apart from the original Karp, Meng Qi responded…

What’s the difference between DU-KRPLS and Karplus⁉️
Karplus & DU-KRPLS have different firmware so different sound, Original Karp has more timbers, and KRPLS has more glitches and micro dynamics and is generally more brutal.

This style of synthesis is perfect for IDM, as there are so many areas of crunchy, glitchy sounds to explore with this kind of short-delay-based tone. The DU KRPLS is clearly tuned for even more abrasive and experimental sounds, as we might expect from Detroit Underground. Their recent DIY low frequency shift register logic sequencer module, the DU RDT, was very popular. As well, DU has been teasing a Eurorack sequencer for a few months…

Of course, if you like modular synthesizers and glitchy music, Detroit Underground has you covered on all fronts. Just dip your toes into their artists and releases and you are unlikely to emerge for a few hours.

What delay modules are you using? Let us know in the comments!

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DU-KRPLS Karplus Glitch Module

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