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Last week, Qu-Bit Electronix announced their newest Eurorack module, the Wave polyphonic sampler. The company is already known for their modular samplers, with the success of their previous module, Nebulae (which seems to have been removed from their website). Wave, with 4 individual sample engines behind one panel, seems ideal for drum and percussion sampling, though the MicroSD card memory can contain samples of any length.

Each of the 4 sample sections on Wave include some basic (yet critical) controls for manipulating samples. Each channel includes a trigger input and button, so samples can be fired via CV or by hand. The 4 channels include 4 banks of 4 dedicated sample files each (for a total of 64 available samples), which can be assigned via file name on the MicroSD card. Pitch (or Varispeed) control of the samples is possible via knob control or CV input.

Wave_Front_Whiteout copy

Wave is extremely thin at 23mm, however that depth comes at the cost of HP. It’s hard to imagine a smaller panel on this particular module however, considering the unique functions of each channel. If the controls were packed closer together, the danger of accidental parameter changes on other channels would rise significantly. The module is also fairly light on the power supply considering how much is happening, drawing 117mA on the +12V side, 7mA on the -12V side.

Each unit ships with a microSD card replete with drum hits, synth sounds, vocal samples and more, ready to get you patching immediately. From drum machine to full blown music production system, the Wave opens up a whole new world of sounds within your Eurorack modular.

At NAMM 2016, back in January, Qu-Bit was showing off a future release in the form of a full-featured 4 channel mixer. Hopefully that will be their next product announcement, as it would be a perfect companion to Wave.

Also, if you like modular music (I know you do!), you’ll want to check out Qu-Bit team member Collin Russell and his new limited tape release, Etudes!

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Wave from Qu-Bit Electronix

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