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It’s time for our latest Monthly Starter Rack, our regular selection of recommended Eurorack modules to create a unique beginning system for under $1000 (though we broke our own rules by $3 this time). We’ve partnered with the wonderful folks over at ModularGrid, compiling a different set of compatible modules each month. This month we’ve included modules from Mutable Instruments, Qubit Electronix, Malekko and more into a digital playground that will be fun to explore and leave plenty of room to expand.

Our July rack is centered around the Mutable Instruments Braids digital oscillator, an extremely deep module with dozens of different modes and thousands of different wave shapes. The built in functions include an internal VCA and pitch quantizer, as well as the infamous Meta Mode. I would recommend checking out the alternative firmware for Braids, Bees In The Trees, developed by Tim Churches (who is also partially responsible for the Ornament & Crime module).

We have bypassed a filter in this rack, instead adding the Dual VCA from Zlob, a summed pair of VCAs that can act as a rudimentary mixer for the 2 channels. The signal can then flow into the Qubit RT60, a multi-effect module with reverbs, delay, flanger, chorus and more. To modulate the VCA, the Timbre and Color controls on Braids and everything else, we have the Malekko ADLFO, featuring 6 looping attack/decay envelopes, and the Erica Synth Pico RND random voltage generator which includes a couple of LFOs, a noise generator and Sample&Hold section.

Of course, the MSR project is designed as a suggestion, so copy the rack to your own ModularGrid account and start editing your own setup. If you’d prefer a filter to the effects, swap it out! You can refer to our previous suggested racks for more details or explore the thousands of modules cataloged in ModularGrid.

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And check out our Patch Notes series of video examples!

New Monthly Starter Rack For July

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