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The Korg SQ-1 sequencer is one of my favorite tools. In addition to it’s sequencing functionality, the device can also double as a USB MIDI to CV converter, sending MIDI notes and clock from your computer.  In this weeks Pulse Tip, we are pairing the device with the Make Noise 0-Coast and Ableton Live. We’ve explored the sequencer before, using the LittleBits output as a third CV source. But the SQ-1, which is extremely useful on it’s own, becomes much more powerful of a tool when interfacing with music software in the computer.

As we’ve discussed before, the SQ-1 is a great device. The compact footprint and $99 price tag make it an attractive tool for virtually any studio. In the Eurorack world, it offers 2 sets of CV and Gate outputs, which can be used to send the same or unique sequences. The device also sends and receives clock sync via CV, so it can clock (or be clocked by) another Korg device, such as the Volca series, or a Eurorack system.

The sequencer is powered by USB, which can be connected via a cellphone charger or to a computer. When enabled in your music software MIDI preferences, the device takes on other uses completely. Sending MIDI In, the SQ-1 can act as a 16 step MIDI sequencer, in the same manner as any other MIDI controller. Any MIDI notes sent out through the SQ-1 are routed through the CV and Gate A and B ports, as we see in the above video. The SQ-1 can also send and receive MIDI sync data to link your DAW clock to the external sequence, or vice versa.

These are all reasons why I recommend the SQ-1 to any modular user, beginner or experienced, as well as a companion device to our Monthly Starter Rack series (new rack selection for July coming next week!) I also recommend the device to music producers who do not own any hardware, since the device is handy for use with software as well.

How are you using the SQ-1? Let us know in the comments!

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Korg SQ-1 As A USB MIDI To CV Converter

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