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This week in Pulse Tips, we’re exploring some interesting ways to complicate your sequences with the Make Noise René. While the module includes separate clock inputs for the X and Y axes as well as the infinitely useful Snake mode (which has been well documented by James Cigler in his series of videos) the other available inputs can be used to further modulate the pattern. When a stepped random voltage source is routed into one of these modulation inputs, in this case the Y-CV input, things start to get very interesting.

The Make Noise René is probably the most popular sequencer in Eurorack. The module is enjoyable and unique to interact with, thanks to a combination of West Coast-inspired sequencer and touch plates. Sending a clock to the X or Y clock inputs steps through the 4 steps on the currently selected row or column. Snake mode is also available, shifting the module from this axis focused clocking scheme into a more common 16 step sequence.

By sending control voltage into the other available inputs on René, the sequence can be further manipulated. I prefer sending a stepped random sequence from the Wogglebug to the Y-CV input, randomizing at a relative rate to the sequence tempo sent to the X-clock. When the chaos knob (or ego knob on the new Richter Wogglebug) is at 0, the sequence should play back normally. As the chaos knob increases, so does the likelihood that a random step in the same column will be selected.

This can be particularly interesting when relative chord tones are set for each Y column of steps. For instance, if the first step is in C major, we could create a root position C major chord (CEGC) in each of the 4 steps in the first column. Normally the low C will be played, but when the stepped random voltage is applied at a faster rate, for instance 4 times the rate of the sequence, the steps will hop between chord tones, creating the impression of an arpeggio.

We experimented with a similar routing in our most recent Patch Notes, using Karplus Strong routing with the Mutable Instruments Warps.

How are you using René? Let us know in the comments!


Odd Clocks With Make Noise Rene

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