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One common question about the Make Noise Tempi is whether it can start and stop the channel clocks. By enabling the Run/Stop Mod function, Tempi can selectively start and stop certain channels, inserting rests and resets to generate more complex, broken patterns.

Tempi is a powerful 6 channel clock source, divider and multiplier. It’s state selection and mod functions set it apart from most other clock sources, however, allowing for saved banks of different clock divisions and multiplications on each channel, as well as rotating and interrupting selected channels. With 4 banks of 16 states, the Tempi can modulate through all kinds of complex clock combinations.

We’ve examined polyrhythms with Tempi in a previous video, using the internal rotate and mutate functions to change and alter existing clock divisions and multiplications. We also looked at state selection, to create sequences of different patterns. Enabling Run/Stop disables rotate mode, however inserting breaks and rests into the timing of mutating rhythms can yield some increasingly challenging results.

The Run/Stop functionality could be put to many uses. Of course, stopping and starting sequences and other timed modules together can be important for restarting a long piece, or testing different pattern combinations. But since the mod enabled channels are CV controllable, timed starting and stopping of the clocks can be used to inject pauses and rests, which can make the steady clock rhythms seem more like a pattern or sequence.

Mod disabled channels can be used to clock these changes, injecting evenly timed interruptions. However, things become less predictable (and perhaps more interesting) when uneven sequences and pulses are used to start and stop the clocks, creating new, broken patterns as a result.

How are you getting complex rhythms in your system? Let us know in the comments!

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Complex Rhythms & Rests With Tempi

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