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We were lucky to get some time with Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb recently (as you might have seen in our videos last week) where he showed us some of the gear and techniques that are inspiring him lately. Bon’s studio integrates technologies of the last 30 years, from the massive Roland System 100m modular system to the iPad and the many USB compatible modules that we see in this video, including the Synthrotek Midi to CV module, the Roland MX-1, the Audio Damage Odio and the Aira Modular EFX, which Bon shared with us last week.

Clearly, Bon loves his USB-enhanced modules. Starting off with the versatile Synthrotek MIDI to CV Converter module (designed by George Mattson’s brother, Scott Rise) Bon begins by demonstrating how he routes clock signals from the Make Noise Tempi through the MIDI to CV Converter and then out to another of Bon’s favorite devices, the Roland MX-1 performance mixer.


The Synthrotek picks up the clock, and automatically routes it to the MIDI output DIN port on the panel, and once connected, the Roland syncs perfectly with the Eurorack system. Bon also uses the mixer as a USB hub for his Aira Modular EFX modules like the Scooper, and as an audio interface which quickly allows for multi-track recording into Ableton.

Demonstrating more of the Synthrotek converter, the iPad is then connected to the USB input on the MIDI to CV via the iPad camera connection kit (which allows external USB devices to be connected, like cameras or MIDI and audio interfaces). Loading one of his favorite sequencing apps, Genome, Bon then demonstrates how quickly the module and iPad sync. If you notice over his shoulder, the Roland MX-1 is still connected… and still synced.

roland-mx1-frontFinally, Bon showed us the Odio from Audio Damage, a slim and simple 2 in/2 out audio interface which attenuates your modular signal to a record-able level, or takes your digital audio and brings it up to a usable level to process through your Eurorack system. The plug and play functionality of all of these modules makes them extremely efficient for getting from an idea to recorded content, quickly and easily.

Another huge Thank You to Bon for spending so much time with us and being such a generous artist.

How are you using USB MIDI or audio with your modular system? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Eurorack To Ipad & Aira MX-1 w/ Bon Harris

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