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This week, we are exploring the Mix 4 module from Malekko Heavy Industry. A 4 channel mono mixer packed into a compact 3HP, the Mix 4 is a handy device to have in a system, saving some space while providing an important submix for drums or other sounds. However, the Mix 4 can also act as a CV mixer, attenuating and ultimately summing the incoming signals at the output.

Of course, the Mix 4 is great for mixing sounds in your system, however as with most other modules, the most obvious functions may not be the only ones. By sending an LFO through one of the channels and routing it to the 1V/Octave input on an oscillator, the Mix 4 channel level knob can attenuate the amplitude of that LFO. As the level knob rises, the pitch modulation increases, and we hear a wider range in the vibrato or frequency modulation.


By combining a number of voltage sources, this process can generate some very interesting waveshapes. Both alternating and direct current signals can be added to the mix, in fact, sending a sequencer into one of the channels while the other three are combining LFOs of different rates can generate some cool results. We’ve demonstrated this technique with pitch modulation because it is such a dramatic aspect of the sound, but the mixed modulation source could be routed anywhere in your system.

We’ve also added a video of our friend and colleague Bon Harris talking about his time in our Live Modular Techniques course, which he recently attended. Bon was nice enough to sit down for an interview with us recently, and he had some nice things to say about the class and Voltage Control Lab, so check it out!

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Malekko Mix 4 As A CV Mixer – Pulse Tips

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