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In another portion of our session with Bon Harris (of Nitzer Ebb), he shows us how he is using the Roland Aira Modular EFX Scooper module to compose and remix his work. A dedicated and long time fan of Roland modular gear, Bon has used virtually every system the company has released over the past 30 years. In our previous clip, Bon discussed his early experience with synthesizers at Daniel Miller’s Worldwide Studios, home to the synth collections of Miller, Vince Clarke and a few of the other artists on Mute Record. And of course, our sit down interview was shot with his original Roland System-100m and the new System 500 side by side in the background.

As we will see in another clip next week, Bon Harris is a fan of a few USB connectable modules. The Scooper is one of his favorites, since it is so immediately playable in an electronic setting. Like the other modules in the EFX series, the Scooper takes an incoming audio signal and applies a set of effects to it. However to use the effects, the module requires audio be recorded or sampled into the module, at which point it will loop the captured signal. As Bon demonstrates, a clock source routed to the Scooper will ensure that the incoming signal is recorded in a perfect loop, and that the time based slicing and crushing effects will be applied in a musical manner.

To tie his compositions together with the module, Harris employs the Intellijel Mutamix. With multiple output busses for routing the 6 different mixer channels, he can quickly send one particular channel (in this case the bass) to the Scooper, while keeping his drums and other parts clean and “un-Scooped”. This also allows for some wet/dry mixing of the effected signal, which can seemingly smooth some of the otherwise chaotic and destructive (but desirable) results that the module can produce.

Next week we’ll have more of Bon Harris, discussing his process and his rig, as well as some more great tales from his experience in the music industry. And be sure to check out our Music Reference Guide playlist embedded below!

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Bon Harris On The Roland Aira Scooper

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