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In our sixth edition of Pulse Tips, we focus on the reset function on the Malekko Varigate 4, a fun and intuitive module for rhythmic pattern programming. The reset function is important for syncing the downbeat of the pattern generated by the Varigate with the downbeats of other patterns, for instance longer bass loops. Any pulse or gate source can be used to reset the pattern, however to reset the beat on the fly, the Mikrophonie comes in handy once again.

We’ve been enjoying the Varigate for awhile now, and followed the development of the module prior to release. The module is great for composing algorithmic drum patterns, and has a host of other uses as well. It can be the source of many semi-controllable happy accidents. Of course, resetting the beat is not a requirement, and offset patterns can yield some wonderful results. But for the purposes of predictability and precision, the reset function is critical for getting parts to lock together.

The Mikrophonie from Music Thing is a perfect option for this, since it provides a tactile interface from which the reset option can be controlled. Even better, the reset does not pulse the clock, so when reset is triggered, the first step of the Varigate pattern will wait for the next clock pulse at the clock in. The Varigate keeps in time this way, allowing the performer to trigger the Mikrophonie slightly before the beat.

This combination also leads to fun beat mashing through the resetting of the pattern. Especially with some varied step probability, random repeat and delay turned on, this technique can lead to some interesting results.

How are you using the Varigate? Let us know in the comments!

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Varigate 4 Beat Reset With Mikrophonie

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