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Superbooth is currently underway in Berlin, bringing together synth manufacturers of all kinds, from all around the world, in a one of a kind mega synth meet. One of the heavily discussed teases leading up to Superbooth, the Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or Sampler, was revealed by Dave Rossum himself in a video from Sonic State. With the popularity of the recent Morpheus Morphing Z-Plane Filter, there are high hopes for the Assimil8or, and this overview seems to suggest great things are on the way.

The Assimil8or is an 8 channel sample player, using a micro-SD card or stereo inputs as sample source options. Each of the 8 sample channels feature 3 dedicated, assignable CV inputs, which can be used to control different aspects of each sample or loop, including start time, loop length, bit depth and much more. Another aspect of the Assimil8or that makes it special is the phase modulation capability, including a seemingly new method which allows samples to be used as phase modulation sources.


The famed synth-designer has garnered a great deal of attention in recent months with the creation of his new Eurorack company, following his successes with EMU in the past. Rossum Electro-Music released one of the most discussed modules of NAMM 2016, the Morpheus Z-Plane Morphing Filter. Making a splash with their sleek design and OLED displays, the Z-Plane Filter can combine up to 8 different filter modes, placing them in the corners of a virtual cube, allowing the user to morph between the 8 modes in a 3-Dimensional virtual space.

While the Assimil8or is not currently operational, Rossum has an established history of great inventions. If the past is any indication, we should be seeing more great products from the Rossum Electro-Music team.

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Rossum Assimil8or Sampler At Superbooth

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