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In our latest episode of Pulse Tips, our new series of short, Eurorack related video tutorials, we are exploring the Varigate 4 random repeat and delay modes. The Varigate 4, which has become a popular staple in Eurorack drum systems in recent months, is an 8 step gate sequencer which we have covered since late last year. A standout at NAMM 2016, the module was developed by designer Ben Davis for Malekko Heavy Industry and was released shortly after the convention.

The Varigate has three main functions clearly labeled next to buttons on the panel: Probability, Repeat and Delay. Probability mode determines the chance that a step will fire a gate, Repeat defines the number of clock multiplied gate repeats will be sent on each step, and Delay controls the timing of each step. Despite being limited to only 8 steps, extremely complex patterns can be derived from these three modes alone.


There are two more modes hidden behind these three buttons however, Random Repeat and Random Delay. By pushing both the Probability and Repeat buttons, Random Repeat can be engaged. Probability and Delay pushed in unison will enter Random Delay mode. Both modes work in similar ways. As a step slider rises above zero, the randomization is enabled. As the slider moves to the right, the range of the randomized repeat or delay increases.

For example, if a step slider is set to 4 in random repeat mode, it will randomize repeated steps between 1 and 4 every time that step is triggered.

What kinds of beats are you making with the Varigate? Let us know in the comments!

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Pulse Tips #2 – Varigate Random Repeat/Delay

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