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This week, we’re examining State Selection in the Make Noise Tempi, using a sequencer to step through different states to generate more complex rhythms and beats. Two weeks ago, we explored the Mod and Mutate functions along with Rodent (or random) mode, to shift rhythms from channel to channel in a sequence or randomly. Using States, we can combine our previous technique with programmed rhythms on different States in Tempi to create varying and dynamic results.

Tempi can store up to 16 states in each of 4 separate banks. Each state includes the settings for all 6 channels, including Mod and Mute assignments. Without anything patched into the State Select CV input, the State select knob simply selects the current state. When a cable is patched, the state knob attenuates the range of states that the incoming 0-5Volt signal can select.


In this video example, we demonstrate this technique by using the default States that come pre-programmed in the Tempi. These include 7 clock division combinations and 7 clock multiplier combinations (including interesting combinations such as the Fibonacci sequence), as well as two modes demonstrating Phase shifting and fine incremental tempo divisions. With a bit of programming on the part of the user, the 16 States can be set up to reflect clock timings that have relevance to the users musical tastes.

While Tempi is essentially a clock source and divider/multiplier, by employing the State Select functions, States can be strung together and sequenced. While we cover the State Select CV Input in this video, the State Select Gate Input can be used to cycle through States in order for similarly complex and unique results. And remember, new states can be created by using the Copy/Paste/Mutate functions we explored previously as well!

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State Sequencing With Tempi

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