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Don’t try the above at home!

On Friday, Mutable Instruments announced the newest module in their growing lineup, a slim, analog utility called Kinks. Similar in size and layout to another Mutable module, Links (a complex multiple/mixer), Kinks packs a few important synthesis functions into one tiny panel. The 4HP module includes 3 sections, each representing another mode for signal manipulation, with independent inputs and outputs for each section.


The “Sign” section features 3 signal processing methods with a dedicated output for each mode. The input signal is inverted through the upper right most output, half-rectified from the lower left output, and full-rectified from the lower right out. Wave rectification is a process by which negative voltages below 0 Volts are either blocked and zeroed out (half-rectification) or inverted (full rectification).

The “Logic” section is a traditional OR circuit.

From the Kinks product page…

Remember what a logic OR gate does: its output is at a high level (for example +5V) whenever one of the two inputs is at a high level. One could express this rule differently: the output is the greatest (maximum) of the two inputs. This is exactly what an analog OR circuit (also called a maximum or peaks circuit) does: it takes the maximum of its two input voltages. When these voltages are digital signals (for example with a low level of 0V and a high level of 5V), this circuit does the same thing as a digital OR gate.


The “S+H” section is a classic Sample and Hold circuit, normalized to an internal white noise source. When the Trig input receives a pulse, the current voltage of the white noise (or whatever signal is routed to the In port) is held and that direct current is sent to the Out port.

The module will reportedly be in stores this week, and will retail for under $110. For three powerful analog circuits designed by one of the most popular modular makers, that seems like a bargain.

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Kinks from Mutable Instruments

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