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Last week, Modular Synth-tamer and ambassador Richard Devine released 2 new patches for Reaktor Blocks, an advanced Wavetable synth and a probability-based Acid rhythm generator. An avid sound designer, Devine has offered up these two patches for free download, both of which were designed for the Native Sessions event in fall 2015 at the Amsterdam Dance Event (or ADE). These files are patches made using the individual “Blocks” modules included in the Reaktor 6 bundle, as well as those downloaded from the Reaktor User Library (an online repository containing thousands of free user creations for Reaktor and Blocks).


Of course, Richard Devine is no stranger to Native Instruments. The company has employed Devine for years as a sound designer for Absynth, Battery and Massive in addition to past work on Reaktor. In 2010, he crafted a patch which combined Reaktor and a performance interface for the Jazzmutant Lemur touchscreen controller called LemurCube, an instrument that also used randomization and probability to produce interesting, non-repeating musical soundscapes…

Referring to his patch GrainCube, which can operate without the Lemur…

The randomisations inside the Reaktor patch make it a sound sculpture piece that never plays the same sound twice. The in-depth control provided by the Lemur template is perfect for guiding the chaos.

Generally, Voltage Control Lab focuses on hardware (mostly Eurorack) modular synthesis. However, with the recent release of Reaktor Blocks from Native Instruments, users have a much more affordable entry point to a usable modular system in their computer. And most important, the design of Blocks very closely resembles that of modern modular synthesizers. And moreover, with a Midi to CV converter (or even by using certain audio interfaces) Blocks can easily communicate with a real modular system, demonstrated above by Jan Korte from NI.


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Reaktor Blocks Patches From Richard Devine

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