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Koma Elektronik has announced the arrival and release of their new Eurorack quadraphonic mixer module, Poltergeist. The advanced mixer has been teased since as far back as September 2014, when Koma posted a photo of the module on their Instagram account. Now available from Koma, Poltergeist is far from cheap. However there aren’t many quadraphonic mixers on the market, and this one happens to be crammed with functionality.

Poltergeist is a 4 channel mixer with a VCA and CV-controllable quadraphonic panning for each channel, as well as solo and mute buttons and large endless pots that can be used to pan each channel independently. Quadraphonic sound uses 4 speakers placed to the left and right in front and behind the listener, to create an immersive, surround effect as sounds are panned from speaker to speaker. With Poltergeist this process is made simple, provided you have 4 surround oriented speakers, resulting in complex surround sound motion in separate channels.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.50.19 AM

The module is fairly large, at 28 HP and 54 mm depth. It is certainly not a “skiffable” mixer, so home use may require some extra space, but this module will certainly find use in live performance settings. Switchable between quad and stereo mixing, Poltergeist is usable in pretty much any situation. Look for a few more complex mixers in the coming weeks and months, CV-controlled panning mixers were one of the trends at NAMM this year.

Koma Elektronik is, of course, know for their behemoth tabletop sequencers and their previous Eurorack module, the SVF-201 Analog Variable Filter, with it’s immediately recognizable back lit Cutoff knob and Vactrol-centric optical design.

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Koma Poltergeist Quadraphonic Mixer

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