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The Mystic Circuits Vert module is a gem, clouded in mystery. Vert makes use of an analog to digital converter, to translate an incoming voltage into a binary number value between 0 and 255. That number is laid out in the form of an 8 bit binary string, and each of those bits correspond to one of the 8 outputs on the module. As the incoming voltage rises, the converted digital binary value rises, changing which bits are on. Whenever a bit switches on, it sends a gate.

This binary-based gate sequencing technique is unusual, yielding unexpected but very musical results. The “IN” knob acts as an attenuater for the incoming voltage signal, accepting +/-10 Volts at 50%, and +/-5 Volts at 100%, when in Bipolar Mode (0 to +10/+5 Volts in Unipolar Mode). This knob can be used to alter the threshold at which the generated binary value reaches its peak, changing the voltage to digital value ratio, and as a result the binary sequence.


It’s probably easiest to visualize the binary number layout and how it connects to the outputs on Vert by tipping the module on its side, as seen in the image below. As the Binary value increases, different combinations of bits will change from 0 to 1 to add up to the total value currently calculated by the analog to digital converter. As those bits change state between 0 and 1, gates are sent from the corresponding bit outputs, with the higher bit values located at the bottom of the module. Outputs 1 through 4 will output gates more often than outputs 5 through 8, as minor alterations in the analog to digital conversion will trigger small value changes in the binary value.


Vert is available as a DIY kit or as an assembled module. The DIY kit includes some SMD parts, but Eli at Mystic Circuits assured me that these were simple to handle for anyone who has soldered a DIY module together before. Just be sure to review SMD soldering techniques and get some good magnification!

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Binary Beats With Mystic Circuits Vert

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