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Using a few of the useful modes built the Make Noise Tempi, complex polyrhythms, drum fills and patterns can be created and altered in subtle or dramatic ways. Tempi is particularly handy for generating happy accidents of this nature, thanks to the Mod and Mutate modes, which offer quick access to pattern shifting and algorithmic reprogramming. Of course, using randomization and algorithms does not always yield perfect results, but when used in a creative manner, they can be extremely powerful. In our upcoming Modular Drumming Course, we discuss many ways to use randomization and probability to your advantage to create interesting rhythmic compositions.

The Tempi Mod function allows each pattern playing on the 6 channels to be shifted to the next channel clockwise, counter clockwise or another random channel (in Rodent mode), any time a trigger is received at the Mod input on the panel. Channels can be enabled to shift by pressing the PGM B button and then tapping whichever channel buttons you want to shift. The enabled channels will simply shift their clock rates to other channels to generate interesting polyrhythmic combinations.


Mutate is more dramatic, even with very basic clock examples. In the video, we begin by demonstrating on the default startup State 1, with each clock in sync in a 1 to 1 ratio with the Leading Tempo. When we enter Copy/Paste/Mutate mode (by holding PGM Buttons A and B together) we must first copy the current state by hitting Button 4. With the current clock layout copied, we can now Mutate it by hitting Button 6, slightly randomizing the rates of each of the six channels. Because Mutate is a initially a subtle operation, each clock will be altered, often generating an interesting combination of polyrhythmic time divisions in the separate channels.

As we mentioned above, randomizing clocks and patterns does not always produce the most musical results. However, through subsequent Mutation, these patterns will continue to shift into an unrecognizable version of the original. If things go awry, or we want to quickly return to our original combination of rates, while holding the PGM A and B Buttons, tap Button 5, to paste the original copied state back on top of the current Mutation. This will wipe away any Mutated patterns, and return back to the original, making Tempi a perfect drum fill generator.

How are you using the Tempi? Let us know in the comments!

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Mutated Polyrhythms With Make Noise Tempi

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