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Another tease from NAMM 2016 this past January was the new Malekko AD/LFO. A compact 12HP in width, the AD/LFO is a six-channel Attack/Decay Envelope Generator. Gracefully demonstrated above by our friend Baseck, the AD/LFO is split into 2 sets of 3 A/D envelopes, with the ability to switch between short and longer length functions and loop each set. Developed by Ben Davis, creator of the Varigate 4 (which features heavily in our upcoming Modular Drumming and Live Modular Techniques Courses) this new module packs a wallop in a small package.

The AD/LFO is a relatively simple module, that performs as expected based on panel settings. When a Gate is received at a channel Gate input, the Attack and Decay stages are executed according to the channel A and D knobs. Most simple Attack/Decay Envelopes only require a Trigger, such as channels 1 and 4 on Maths. This might suggest deeper functionality from the 3 coupled channels… Perhaps we will see Attack/Sustain/Release functionality from the AD/LFO? If we have learned anything from the Varigate 4 design, we know that Mr. Davis likes hidden modes…!


If you scroll back in the video posted above, you’ll get a brief demo of another currently available module from Ben Davis, the Varigate 4. Virtually an instant classic, we’ve discussed the Varigate throughout its development. This module already seems to be highly coveted, and will pair very nicely with the AD/LFO.

If you’d like to hear from Ben Davis and Malekko Heavy Industry ringleader Joshua Holley, I would suggest checking out the SynthSummitShow video podcast hosted by Ken “Flux” Pierce of, which was posted last week. It is a rawkus and extremely entertaining view into the mind of the Malekko-verse.

Finally a demonstration from the inventor himself, Ben Davis performs a brief example utilizing the new module as the sole modulation source.

What envelopes are you using in your system? Let us know in the comments!

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Malekko Readies New AD/LFO Module

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