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One of the most discussed modules at NAMM this year was the Make Noise Tempi, a six channel clock source with independent control over each output. The Tempi is the product of years of development, including many names and revisions, leading back to a collection of modules that Make Noise teased in the past, the CTRL SEL series. Tempi is a refined, performance-focused module with a collection of powerful functions hidden behind a few tiny buttons.

Tempi is immediately approachable, with a hands on “Human Programming” mode that invites the user to simply tap in different clock rates on the six channel buttons at the bottom of the unit. The clock input sets a “leading tempo” to which the other channels will sync, multiply or divide (though there are other ways of setting the “leading tempo”).

Two transparent A and B buttons above the channel buttons offer access to a host of features, when enabled, pressed together or held. When button A is enabled, the channel buttons take on mute functions, allowing each channel clock to be disabled (the channel button will turn red when muted). Button B enters modulation mode, in which each channel enabled to modulate (indicated by a purple channel button) will cycle clock rates between channels in clockwise, counter clockwise or random motion.


One of the most enjoyable functions on the Tempi, is the Mutate function. A controlled randomizer of sorts, the Mutate function takes a copied snapshot of the current state of the different channels, and slightly shifts things around at the push of a button. Especially when combined with the Mod Mode, the Mutate function is capable of generating unique and complex polyrhythmic interplay between the channels.

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Tempi From Make Noise

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