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Low-Gain Electronics has been teasing the 2-Bits Binary Sequencer for a few months now, announcing today that a small number of units will be available for pre-sale. The pre-sale units (at $199) are being offered as a way to help fund the final manufacturing costs of the module, which is expected to be available in about 2 months.

The 2-Bits module is a 4 stage sequencer, driven by a logic operation table, which compares two incoming CV signals. You can think of this as one row on a 4 step sequencer like Pressure Points. However, the stage or step is not selected in order or via a touchplate or button, but rather by logic operation. Logic Operations in a modular system usually compare to signals, and depending on the states of those signals, whether they are on or off, perform a certain operation like sending a trigger or gate.


In the case of 2-Bits, two incoming signals (or switch settings) are compared. When the both inputs are low (or the switches are set to the center position), stage 1 is selected. When input 1 is high or on (or the Bit 1 switch is in the up position), but input two is low, stage 2 is selected. In the opposite case, stage 3 is selected. And if both are high, stage 4 is selected. This results in very different functionality than one might find in a standard 4 stage sequencer.

Low-Gain Electronics have released a few Eurorack modules, as well as some very useful modular format conversion boxes to ease communications between Eurorack and other voltage ranges and cable sizes. Low-Gain also offers panels for certain Eurorack modules to be converted into larger formats. A trusted name in the modular synthesis community, 2-Bits looks to be a fun addition to any system.

What do you think about a Logic based sequencer? Let us know in the comments!

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Low-Gain 2-Bits Sequencer Presale

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