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Oliver Dodd of Elite Modular Cases has released a new full-length album on Detroit Underground, titled “Rhea”, which you can preview now on Bandcamp. A forward thinking experimentation in sound manipulation, while at the same time a throwback to the IDM movement of the last two decades, Dodd skillfully dissects his musical ideas for the listener. Of course, Dodd is well known as a master of sound design and modular synth performance, recently appearing in Los Angeles with Richard Devine, Mark Verbos and DJM/REX among other modular synth artists at the annual post-NAMM Bl__k Noise event.

Dodd explores many different styles in this latest record, effortlessly moving from smooth, funky beats and rhythms (at least for IDM) to glitchy, torn apart techno. Fitting into these many shoes hasn’t been a problem in the past for Dodd, who has released albums under almost a dozen separate handles, including his Electro project III–vVvVv–III and his experimental works as Carl Oliver. A glance at his back catalog will likely lead to hours of listening.


“Rhea” was recorded exclusively on Eurorack modular synthesizer, which may seem natural from an artist who makes his living running a Eurorack case company. Elite Modular is well known in the modular community/industry for making reliable, robust hardware. The company produces both portable and stationary modular cases, including the slim Elite 208. All of their cases feature Make Noise Powered Bus Boards. The company has found supporters in some of the most recognizable figures in the Eurorack scene.

Detroit Underground has been supporting experimental electronic music and IDM since 1997. Helmed by DJ Kero, DU has featured some of our times most influential artists, including Richard Device, Drumcell, Ankle Pants and many more amazing composers. Oliver Dodd seems right at home in this stable of artists.

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Edit: Oliver Dodd’s case company is Elite Modular. This article incorrectly named Enclave Cases as Oliver Dodd’s company.

Rhea By Oliver Dodd Available Now

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