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For our 25th video, we are continuing to explore the possibilities when connecting a modular system to Native Instruments Maschine via Mutable Instruments Yarns. By routing Maschine out through Yarns, we can siphon the MIDI data from the computer to a collection of drum modules via Yarns 4 separate Parts. With this method, we can sequence and perform modular beats via the Maschine controller and software, allowing for much more intricate and complex compositions than most standard step sequencers can offer.

One of the benefits of working with MIDI is that we have MIDI Channels, which can independently send note, velocity and many other MIDI messages to different destinations on each Channel. In Maschine, we can create patterns on each Sound in a Group, and route each Sound to a separate MIDI Channel. By routing our Maschine output MIDI messages through a complex MIDI module like Yarns, we can then route each of up to 4 different MIDI Channels to the 4 sets of outputs on the module.


With Maschine connected to Yarns via MIDI, the pattern sequencer can be employed to create interesting and evolving compositions. We also have access to all of the composition tools in the software, like the Note Repeat and Keyboard modes, and by extension the built in Arpeggiator.

Of course, this is not the only way to connect your computer to a modular system. Last week, we looked at using the Maschine Arpeggiator to sequence musical passages on the modular system via additional MIDI devices, like the QuNexus and SQ-1, however there are plenty of USB/MIDI to CV modules available, as well as the Expert Sleepers modules which offer higher resolution via Lightpipe or S/Pdif connection from an audio interface.

In our Maschine Studio Course, we cover all of the ins and outs of the hardware and software, so you will know how to connect a modular synth or any other external device that you would like to sequence or record with Maschine. In our Modular Drum Programming Course, we discuss the modular side of this equation, focusing on complex drum sound design and pattern sequencing in modular synthesizer.

How are you connecting your computer to your modular? Let us know in the comments!

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Modular Beats With Maschine & Yarns

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