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The time has come for another module giveaway! We are giving away an amazing and extremely handy Malekko Mix 4 module, and all you have to do to enter is subscribe to the new Voltage Control Lab email list (below or over there in the menu), as well as the Malekko email list.  You can sign up for our mailing list directly below, or over there in the menu on the right side.

A compact, 3HP, DC coupled 4 input mixer that makes a useful addition to any system. The mixer handles CV and Audio signals with individual channel level controls, so it can serve a number of purposes, including as a drum module mixer as seen in the video above where the Mix 4 is paired with the new Malekko Varigate 4. The Mix 4 could also be used to combine different control voltages in your system, to create a complex modulation source.

Having a mixer like the Mix 4 can be critical for mixing drum sounds (or any sounds in your system) which we discuss in our Modular Drumming and Live Modular Techniques Courses. To be able to gain full control over your live or recorded mix, having individual level control over each channel is an obvious necessity. As you may know, a bad mix can derail an entire track or performance.


Of course, Malekko make some other must-have modules for drum programming, like the Varigate 4 as seen above, as well as the Mute 4 and the Invert Mix. Helmed by Joshua Holley and Paul Barker (of Ministry, Lead Into Gold and many other groups), Malekko is known for their line of Richter modules, producing a collection of robust devices, including a wide range of instrument effects pedals.

Remember, all you have to do is subscribe to both the Voltage Control Lab and the Malekko newsletters! We’ll choose a winner at the end of March!

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Malekko Heavy Industry Mix 4 Giveaway

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