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New to the scene Swiss Eurorack manufacturer Seismic Industries has announced their new ultra-slim modular system and modules. The System One will include all of the expected modules to fulfill a complete modular synthesis voice and is due in mid-March. The same modules used to create the System One are available now, individually, from the Seismic Industries website.

These products stick out for one obvious reason: their depth. Limited to a mere 13 millimeters deep, these modules are in a category shared by few other Eurorack companies. While many so-called “skiffable” modules have depths of 30-40 millimeters, these super slim builds offer another approach to an actual desktop modular system.


A wide variety of the modules already available and in stock, including a VCO and Noise Generator, Voltage Controlled ADSR Envelope, a Quadrature LFO and a collection of utility modules including a neat looking VU Meter. A quick visit to the Seismic Industries website reveals a very determined design aesthetic, one that is detailed on their “Design Rules” page. The company details their approach to module design as follows.


From the Seismic Industries website…

The Seismic Industries system is supposed to be the flattest modular synthesizer ever! To reach this target, there are mechanical rules which must be followed, to give the modules their typical flat shape.

Electrical rules are applied to assure that all generated and accepted voltage levels comply with each other and that the modules can be mounted and used in any other eurorack system.

By including pinheaders on every module for its I/O Signals, it is possible to “prepatch” them within the case. So you can build up any semi-modular system you want, without giving up the satisfaction of modularity.

While there aren’t a lot of mind blowing new functions in these modules, the innovation here is in the physical design. With other slim semi-modular systems like the No-Coast from Make Noise getting attention, perhaps skiffable design will take on new meaning…

Will all modular systems be this slim soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Seismic Industries Intros Super Slim System One

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