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In our latest video tutorial, we explore the interface between music software and hardware, connecting Native Instruments Maschine Studio to our Modular system. Maschine is a kind of virtual modular environment inside of a Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW), with dynamic signal routing and quick manipulation of musical ideas and patterns. Using a MIDI to CV interface module or devices such as the KMI QuNexus or Korg SQ-1, compositions can be sent to an external instrument like a Modular Synthesizer to further refine the sound.

Maschine contains many handy tools to assist in the composition process, including Keyboard Mode (converting the pads into a chromatic or scaled keyboard) which plays nicely with another tool, the built in Arpeggiator. Using these functions together, the composer can guarantee that only diatonic scale tones will be played, i.e. notes that sound good together. The resulting sequences can be sent to internal sounds and plugins or out of Maschine to an external MIDI device.


Maschine Studio is designed for easy communication with external gear, with 3 MIDI output ports on the back of the hardware controller. This makes it easy to sequence and control many pieces of gear via daisy chaining, but in a smaller studio, one MIDI output port to a MIDI to CV module (or the KMI QuNexus or Korg SQ-1) is plenty to get the musical information to the Modular system.

Our latest new course announcement did not mention our current Maschine Studio course, which has been running since Voltage Control Lab started about 6 months ago! Our 8 week course covers everything in Maschine, from how to navigate the software efficiently to creating beats and performing live.

How are you communicating between your computer and Modular? Tell us in the comments!

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Maschine Studio Arp w/ Modular Synth

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