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After the success of the Bishop’s Miscellany, a dual CV/Gate step recorder (seen in the video above), Shakmat Modular has announced a new module, the Knight’s Gallop. The Knight’s Gallop is a trigger generator, incorporating two independently controllable rhythm channels and 5 different algorithms to employ create complex patterns.


Knight’s Gallop is designed with algorithmic drum programming in mind. Each of the five modes that are available in the module takes a different approach to rhythm creation, some modes basing the second pattern on mathematically interesting variations of the settings for the first pattern. Compute Mode creates “associated sequences for the second output delivering very musical polyrythms” while Random Mode has 4 levels of randomization. Dual Mode allows for independent pattern programming of each of the two channels.

The Main Mode however, uses tables of different patterns, based on traditional and modern clock and trigger patterns. This includes standard clock divisions, more complex patterns and Euclidean rhythms. As we’ve shown in some of our recent tutorial videos, Euclidean Rhythms can be incredibly useful in the generation of patterns, combining a number of total beats with another number of triggers to be evenly displaced in the total number of beats.

Like the Bishop’s Miscellany, the Knight’s Gallop will be available as a DIY kit or a complete module. At only 8 HP and a skiffable 22mm depth, this module will be a convenient size for pattern programming in most systems. With a number of rhythm sequencers on the market currently, Shakmat is approaching the scene with a handy module that might be especially attractive to the DIY community.

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Shakmat Modular Knight’s Gallop

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