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We have posted 3 new courses in the Lab! And even crazier, we’re offering all of our 4 week courses for a reduced rate of only $150 each! Even our longer courses, including our Sound Design with the Roland System 1M and Maschine Studio courses are heavily discounted for the time being… We’ve added to our selection of Modular courses, which includes Modular 101, Sound Design 101 and The Many Faces of Make Noise Maths, with 3 new courses focusing on different areas of study.

drumcourselogoOur Modular Drumming course focuses on modular drum synthesis and pattern development. We will discuss basic and advanced drum sound design techniques, dedicated drum modules, rhythm and pattern composition and more. The course explores use of pattern generation tools such as the Malekko Varigate 4, Mutable Instruments Yarns, Make Noise Tempi and other clock manipulation tools.

livecourselogoWe are also introducing a Live Modular Performance course, exploring modular synthesis as a performance tool. With so many different styles and techniques represented in the modular world, we will focus on musical aesthetics and frameworks within which to design your live set. Whether you want to pair your system with a computer or other hardware, or perform solely inside of a modular setting, this course will step through the many possibilities and pitfalls of live performance with a modular system.

1mcourselogoFinally, we’ve also created a course for all of the semi-modular folks out there, with our new Sound Design with the Roland System 1M course. We are very excited about this one since the System 1M is such a powerful tool on its own. When the modular functionality is implemented and combined with other common modules, this system takes on a new life. The course will explore all of the different functions of the System 1M and how they pertain to the larger concepts of Sound Design, from modular interactivity to “plug-outs”.

As with our other courses, class is conducted live via Skype. Class hours will be scheduled based on the availability of enrolled students, meaning we will find times that are convenient for you. Of course, all classes are recorded with the archived videos for your course made available for review. We will have multiple office hours scheduled throughout the week as well, which are open to all current students.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss course package options, please don’t hesitate to message or email us!

New Courses And Discounts At VCL!

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