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With NAMM only days away, the pre-NAMM announcements continue to roll out including some new modules from the originator of Eurorack, Doepfer. Continuing their recent trend towards more visually striking panels, the company has announced a new system as well as new modules in their A-100 line. Doepfer, of course, is the creator of the Eurorack standard of modular synthesizers, a format that he has been consistently promoting for over 20 years now.


The new Vintage Edition modular system and modules seems to be the focus for the new Doepfer announcement. Taking existing models and adding new panels and knobs, the Vintage Edition system seems to be a throwback to the classic black look that is still common in the 5U systems of today. Known for the clean silvery finish of their panel design, this is a further departure from their identifiable appearance. While mostly an aesthetic change, this might make a difference for new modular system buyers, as the traditional Doepfer systems have a clean, somewhat clinical look when compared to some other companies.

Perhaps more interesting, are some of the new modules that have been announced. Continuing with their growing line of “Thru Zero” Oscillators, the A-110-3 Triangle Thru Zero VCO and A-110-6 Trapezoid Thru Zero VCO modules have been released.

Of Thru Zero VCOs, Doepfer writes…

… a “normal” VCO will simply stop as the linear control voltage becomes zero or negative. But a thru zero VCO will start again with “negative” frequencies as the the linear control voltage becomes negative.


In addition, three more modules were announced. The A-121-2 12dB Multimode Filter looks handy, with 4 separate filter types, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch. A combination Sample & Hold/Slew Limiter/Ring Modulator was announced, with the A-184-1, as well as a separate PWM Generator, the A-168-1. All of these modules were teased with new foil patterned panels as well, however Doepfer says these were just concepts, though templates may be made available for customers to make their own panel artwork.

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New Doepfer Modules & System

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