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We’re playing catch up with some of the pre-NAMM announcements that have come in the past couple of weeks. With the convention coming next week, many companies are leaking new gear, including major synth manufacturers. The modular community has seen a few announcements ahead of the show as well, including a new system from Pittsburgh Modular, new modules and cases from Intellijel and even more from the busy folks at Sputnik Modular.


About two weeks ago, Pittsburgh Modular began posting tantalizing images of a new device. Tagged #Lifeforms, the posts grabbed attention with what appeared to be an elegant touchplate keyboard interface. The Lifeforms semi-modular system, as well as a new line of Structure cases, was confirmed this week. A self-contained system containing a Midi to CV interface, two Oscillators, an ADSR Envelope, an LFO, a 4 channel Mixer, a multimode Filter and much more. The keyboard includes one octave of touch plate controls as well as some advanced controls over octave, tuning, arpeggiation and more.


Sputnik Modular has also been taking to Instagram, posting images of their new Frequency Shifter module. Along with an image of the panel was a short video featuring Sputnik Modular founder, Roman Filippov’s child singing through the new module.

Back in mid December, Intellijel announced a new trio of modules, the Dixie II+ Oscillator, Polaris Filter and µMIDI, as well as some sleek new cases. The Dixie II+ looks especially handy, considering it’s modest size, while the Polaris (with 27 different modes) looks fairly intimidating as well.


You can expect more from all of these companies and many others at NAMM, where we’ll be investigating all of the new modular gear! Follow our coverage on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram!

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Pre-NAMM Catch Up w/ PGH, Intellijel, Sputnik

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