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With NAMM approaching quickly, we’re seeing a lot of teases and hints at new gear coming around the bend. While some makers are keeping things quiet, others are building hype with new videos and images to tantalize the net. We’re going to try to keep the stream of information flowing, so keep an eye on this page as well as our Youtube page (and my Instagram) for more details and footage from the NAMM show.

Noise Engineering posted a series of three Instagram teaser videos this weekend, briefly exhibiting a collection of new modules that they will be debuting at NAMM next week. The video showed a number of new designs, including a new take on the company’s highly popular drum module, the Basimilus Iteritas Alter. The new Basimilus appears to have a slightly slimmer form factor, and we can assume an even wider array of sound variation than it’s younger brother.

2016 preview part three

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We can also see a number of other new modules in this video (listed conveniently in the comments) including the Xerest Numeri (a four channel stereo mixer), Jabara Sequent (a polyphony generator) and Integra Funkitus (a fun looking rhythm arranger). In the two other teaser videos, we see a few more modules including Clepsydra Diazoma (a stepped ramp generator) and Cursus Iteritas (a pulse wave oscillator and wavefolder) in the first of the three videos, as well as the Mimetic Sequent (a small sequencer, recorder and randomizer) and Sinc Iter (a exciting, 4HP, skiffable, 23 octave, multi waveform oscillator).

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As is common with Noise Engineering modules, the names (and descriptions) can be a bit mysterious so we’re hoping to get more details about this amazing line of gear during NAMM. These teaser videos certainly leave the viewer hungry for more information and demos!

What would you like to see at NAMM from Noise Engineering or anyone else? Let us know below!

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New Modules Teased by Noise Engineering

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