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Analogue Haven just posted an Instagram image of the new Harvestman SequencerHarvestman has a solid reputation of amazing modules, many of the most popular ones pictured here with the new sequencer. The MKII versions their wavetable Oscillator Piston Honda, dual VCA Double Andore and complex digital Oscillator Hertz Donut are all connected in a voice in the image.

The sequence itself seems to be operated via LED faders, which provide some useful feedback to the artist. It appears to have in internal clock source (most likely it can receive an external source as well), and possibly sequence recall. Can you think of other functions that sequencers might have? Maybe a built in clock divider? Control over sequence length and step muting?

What might be indicated by the white and green buttons above the sequence? Or perhaps those are actually 4 independent patterns that can be accessed. And there just might be 8 separate suquence outputs, or maybe those are cv/gate pairs of outputs, in the upper right corner… Considering the first of the 4 central green buttons is white, we might assume it’s the currently selected pattern. And the only cable connected to the module is coming out of the first of what may be 4 outputs. So perhaps these are connected…

It’s been the month of sequencers, so far! We’ll have more details soon, but we wanted to share this link and image with you. We’re looking forward to seeing a lot more of this module.

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Harvestman Sequencer Leaked

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