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Black Friday is coming, so we thought we’d jump the gun by offering $50 off when you enroll in any 2 of our courses. The deal will run for this week only, so bug your friends and relatives about it now!

Make sure to use the sales buttons below to get the Black Friday deals!

Pair up Modular 101:Intro to Eurorack and Sound Design 101 for a deep exploration of the world of Modular Synthesis.

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Or try Modular 101:Intro to Eurorack and The Many Faces of Make Noise Maths, a great way to get a much deeper understanding of the modular world and one of your new modules.

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The Many Faces of Make Noise Maths and Sound Design 101 pair together quite nicely, especially when we get to sound designing drum sounds.

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Or maybe you’d prefer to dive in to some software training combined with Modular Synthesis. If you’d like to put together a custom lesson plan, we’ll find discounts for you!

Students receive access to-

  • One hour long lesson each week
  • Office hours 2 times per week
  • Recorded video of your classes for review
  • Private VCL student Facebook discussion group
  • Email support from your experienced instructor

Classes meet online for 1 hour weekly via live Google Hangouts or Skype session, at a time determined based on student availability. Your instructor will typically deliver a 45-50 minute lecture, with the remainder of the hour spent on extra tips and tricks and answering questions submitted via text chat in the session. Office hours, which are led by the instructor, are for discussion and question/answer sessions with other current Voltage Control Lab students. Classes are dynamically tailored to the students setup as best as possible, and start as soon as they are filled.

Voltage Control Lab is the first school dedicated to Modular Synthesis, offering online courses and private instruction in Hardware and Software. Join us for some informative and fun classes!

What course material would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!


Early Black Friday Deals

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