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Hex Inverter has announced the newest in their “Mutant” module series, the Mutant Snare. The Mutant Snare is an 808-inspired analog snare drum module, with a range of sounds from crunchy and noisy to poppy and tonal. The new module seems to fit directly with many of the other Hex Inverter Mutant Drums line, filling in a noticeable gap between their popular Mutant Machine, Mutant Bass Drum, Mutant HiHats and Mutant Clap.

The Mutant Snare module features a Shell side (which generates a more tonal drum sound) and a Snappy side (for white noise-based crunchy snares) which can be mixed using the Mix control in the center. A Drive control is front and center, offering a heavy overdrive which can produce some punch and distortion to the tone.


The Decay knob offers a bit of control over the internal Envelope that shapes the snare. The Snappy noise generator is passed through a two mode High Pass and Band Pass Filter. The Filter has three resonance modes, classic 808 (low resonance), high resonance, and self oscillation. Since the Snappy noise generator can be bypassed by inputting a signal into the Ext. In port, some alternative noise sources can be introduced. Along with the Filter settings, this could lead to some interesting results.

Mutant Snare seems like it could be a versatile source for a poppy, snare drum tones. I can’t help but wish there were more voltage controllable parameters on the panel. Having control over the Shell Tone and Pitch or the Shell/Snappy Mix would be great, and might make the module more versatile.

Hex Inverter also recently announced their own brand of cables, Mutant Cables. What can be said about new cables? We’ll have to wait to hear user reviews to know their quality. But there are cats on the plug connectors… So they might be hard to resist.

mutant cables

Do you think the Mutant Snare will fit into your setup? Let us know in the comments!

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Hex Inverter Mutant Snare

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