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This week quickly became Sequencer Teaser Week, so we’re gonna close it out with a doozy. Our friend Kero over at Detroit Underground has been teasing some tantalizing images and videos, including the photo above which he sent along yesterday, of the upcoming DU SEQ module.

The first module from the experimental/IDM record labels new DU MDLR arm, the DU SEQ Analog Sequencer looks to be an extremely fun take on an 8 Step Sequencer. We can see a lot of handy controls here, including a Rate knob for internal Clock tempo control, a 1/2 speed button essentially acting as a Clock Divider for the internal or an external Clock source and a control over Gate length.

Each of the 8 steps appear to have individual functions as well. There appear to be 5 different modes for each step, including one that can generate separate Clock Multiplications on each step. Up to 8 pulses can be sent for each step, offering the possibility of some very complex pattern sequencing.

The CV ports seem to suggest some interesting control over the pattern direction and reset, enabling the 1/2 time function and stage selection. Outputs include a Clock out to another module as well as a 1V/Octave CV and Gate to route to a synth voice or drum module.

Kero writes us…

The 1V/Octave pitch signal path is fully analog, and the gate signal is generated entirely from discrete 7400-series logic (no microcontroller) clocked directly from a built-in or external clock/gate signal.

Like everything that DU produces, design is king on the DU SEQ. While keeping every port and control labeled, the artwork makes the panel pop out of the rack. The panel layout seems user friendly, with the input and output ports all gathered to one side of the module, leaving plenty of room for hand movement around the controls.

Finally, here’s a quick video of Kero performing with his modular system a few months ago.

What do you think of the DU SEQ? Let us know in the comments!

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Detroit Underground DU SEQ Coming

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