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This past weekend, a number of new sequencers were teased online, so here’s a quick roundup of what we saw. Two devices that were teased have been announced already, with occasional trickling details coming out. But thanks to a few photos and videos that popped up online, we’re getting a glimpse of the near future.

Baseck (a world renowned producer, modular synth aficionado and drum machine ambassador) recently moved to Portland, Oregon, where he’s been working closely with all of the amazing modular makers as well as at the MuffWiggler store. You can imagine, he sees things that the rest of us dream of, and sometimes even has the chance to post videos and pictures (yes, you should follow him on Instagram…)

This weekend, Baseck posted two videos of a new sequencer from Malekko Heavy Industry. An unfinished panel hides the exact functions, but we can see that we are dealing with an 8 step sequencer with 4 seemingly independent output channels. It’s receiving clock to drive the sequencer as well. Could this be a clock multiplying sequencer? A multi-mode multi-channel switchable voltage sequencer? What do you think?

Up north in Canada, Andrew Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Audio was showing off his new creation, Carbon (alongside the popular Phenol), which has been teased for the last month or two. Kilpatricks photo left much to the imagination, but another photo posted to the Muff Wigglers group on Facebook from someone who visited his cafe pop up sheds a bit more light on the subject… We can see some of the tell tale signs of a sequencer here, but knowing Kilpatrick Audio, there will be some significant functionality hidden beneath that elegant interface.


Finally, another post from Baseck, of what appears to be a new, naked, complex 16 step sequencer of some sort, possibly from Harvestman. The LED display looks like it could be used to display tempo information (and perhaps more) as well as a wide variety of touch friendly controls. Any more educated guesses here?

This wasn’t even all of the sequencers teased this past weekend! The upcoming NAMM show just might be the ultimate sequencer showdown. We’ll be on the look out!

What kind of sequencer would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

Wondering why you would even want a sequencer? We’ll tell you in our Modular 101 Course!


New Sequencer Teases

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